UEC has developed a comprehensive after-sales support programme for the Indian Navys fighter engines

United Engine Corporation (UEC, the holding company uniting Russias major gas turbine engine developers and manufacturers) is ready to offer the Indian Navy a comprehensive after-sales technical support program for the RD-33MK engines that power MiG-29K/KUB fighter jets. This new programme has been developed specifically for Indias requirements, with UEC providing technical support for engines in the post-warranty period, including a full range of all possible services.

In 2016, UEC completed the delivery of RD-33MK turbofan engines to the Indian navy, successfully fulfilling its contractual obligations.

Within the framework of collaboration with the Russian United Aircraft Corporation, the introduction of such a programme will speed up the processing of requests from the Indian customer considerably. This will enable quick solutions to any technical problems that may arise during the operation of the engines. The technical support programme includes maintenance and repair; logistical support; delivery of technical documentation; and staff training. In addition, a 24-hour data exchange channel will facilitate communication between the two parties.

The RD-33MK, a turbofan engine with an afterburner, is a heavily upgraded version of the RD-33. The RD-33MK offers a higher thrust than the basic model, while retaining all the advantages of the original. It is equipped with a modern FADEC-type engine control system. This modernised turbine cooling system significantly extends the length of the engines service life. The advantages of the RD-33MK include low specific fuel consumption; high gas flow stability in all operational modes, including the firing of on-board weapons, which substantially improves control of the aircraft.

Jet fighters equipped with this engine can take off safely from the aircraft carrier deck and efficiently carry out combat missions in hot climatic conditions. The engine features a modular design, which enables individual parts, units and modules to be repaired or replaced in the field.

The RD-33MK engine is currently installed in MiG-29K/KUB career-based fighters and MiG-35 4++ generation multi-role fighters.

In 2014, UEC received a license from the FSMTC (Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia) for engaging in independent foreign trade activities relating to maintenance support for military production.

UEC (United Engine Corporation, part of the Rostec State Corporation) is an integrated structure specialising in the development, serial production, service and support of engines for military and civil aviation, space programs and naval applications, as well as for the oil and gas and power generation industries.