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Development NPO Saturn.
Serial production NPO Saturn.

Used as a sustainer engine in aviation tactical ballistic missiles of type Kh-59M developed by GosMKB (State Engineering Design Bureau) Raduga JSC.

Technical features of the engine:

  • double-circuit twin-shaft turbojetengine with coaxial shafts with low and high pressure cascades;
  • high pressure cascade diagonal axis compressor and single-stage axis turbine;
  • low pressure cascade single-stage ventilator with wide-chord blades and a single-stage axis turbine;
  • annular combustion chamber;
  • autonomous oil system;
  • electro-hydraulic adjustment system;
  • inbuilt electric generator with 4 kW.

Key Characteristics of the Engine:

Thrust at limiting point, kgf, up to 450
Specific fuel rate at limiting point, kg/kgf*h 0,71
Dry mass, kg 82
Default mass, kg 100
Overall dimensions:
Maximum diameter, mm 330
Maximum length, mm 850