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Development OAO NPO Saturn
Serial production OAO NPO Saturn

M70FRU is a naval turboshaft engine with 14,000 h.p., developed especially for the Russian Navy and intended for use on ships of all classes.

Dimensional characteristics, power characteristics and rotational velocity of power turbines allow to use the M70FRU engine in a whole range of older military ships of various classes in Russia and abroad.

Availability of versions working with gas fuel allow to use M70FRU as a drive for electric generators and gas compressors (superchargers) on all civil naval and sea-side object which have access to gas fuel (floating power stations, sea rigs, sea-port plats etc)

Key Characteristics of the GTD M70FRU:

Power at limiting point, h.p. 14000
Power in nominal mode, h.p. 12000
Specific fuel rate at limiting point, kg/h.p.h 0,172
Specific fuel rate in nominal mode, kg/h.p.h 0,178
Air use at compressor inlet, kg/ 33,3
Resource, h:
- full 40000
- between repairs 20000