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AL-31F AL-31F AL-31F AL-31F AL-31F AL-31F AL-31F AL-31F


Development OAO NPO Saturn.
Serial production UMPO JSC, MMPP (Moscow Machine Building Production Plant) Salut.

AL-31F is a high-temperature double-circuit turbojet engine with an afterburner, has a modular construction with flow blending behind the turbine. Has high safety levels and gas-dynamic resistance, including operating in extreme conditions in terms of unevenness and pulsation at the entry. Used at the wide range of altitudes and flight speed, works steadily in the conditions of deep air-inlet surging, as well as in the conditions of spin, provides the aircraft with unique manoeuvre characteristics.

The AL-31F engine has been in serial production since 1981. It is usually installed on fighters Su-27 and their modification, fighter aircrafts Su-33, multi-purpose fighters Su-30MK2, front-line bomber air-crafts Su-34.

The following modifications have been developed and put into serial production on the basis of the AL-31F engine:

  • AL-31FP with thrust vector control, used on multi-functional supermaneuverable fighters Su-30MKI, Su-30MKM, Su-30MKI(A).
  • AL-31FN with lower positioning of aircraft units for the use on single-engine fighter planes, exported.

Key Characteristics of the Engine AL-31F (AL-31FP):

Thrust at full afterburning mode, kgf 12,500
Thrust at limiting point, kgf 7,770
Specific fuel rate at full afterburning mode, kg/kgf.h 1.96
Specific fuel rate at limiting point, kg/kgf.h 0.78
Minimal specific fuel use, kg/kgf.h 0.67
Bypass ratio 0.56
Air use, kg/sec 112
Gas temperature before the turbine, Tc 1,665
Length, mm 4,945 (4990)
Entry diameter, mm 905
Dry mass, kg 1,490 (1520)