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Development Klimov JSC
Serial production OAO V.V. Chernyshev MMP.

Modification of a turbojet double-circuit engine with an afterburner RD-33, developed in 1985 for use on light front-line fighters MiG-29.

The engines of RD-33 family are distinct for their high gas-dynamic resistance to external interferences, including when using on-board weaponry, which allows for almost completely unobstructed piloting. It also has a high thrust rise rate and, accordingly, acceleration, which is one of the most important characteristics in modern fighters.

The construction is modular, which allows for local repairs and replacement of particular details, units and modules directly in the working environment.

Key Characteristics of the Engine:

Thrust at full afterburning mode 8,300kgf
Thrust at full mode with no afterburning 5,040kgf
Specific fuel rate at full afterburning mode 2.05 kg/kg h
Specific fuel rate with no afterburning 0.77 kg/kg h
Air use 75.5 kg/sec
Bypass ratio 0.49
Overall pressure increase rate 21
Length 4,229 mm
Diameter 1,040 mm
Dry mass 1,055 kg
Specified life 1,400 h
Time between service 700 h